Why sometimes you shouldn’t build bridges

It was the weekend of the big local derby, the Yamba ‘Buccaneers’ vs Iluka ‘Cossacks’. Many years ago, the Iluka squad had been a 3rd grade side within the Yamba Buccaneers, but after a period of apparent repression and social inadequacy…..read more……

Sometimes there is just too much bush

You can think what you like about the joys of leaving civilisation, camping out in the bush and cooking your dinner over burner embers as the sunset washes the sky in a red glow. That stuff all happens at the end of the day…read more…

Captain Kirk, Scotty and a ferry we had to Klingon to!

I’m now more certain than ever that Indonesia has provided me with my biggest cultural surprises yet. Considering we’ve already cycled through one country I didn’t know existed, and one more that I couldn’t have pointed out on a map if it was labelled ….click here….

Centaurs, Growlers and some Singapore spicey crabs

21,000km ticked over on the computer, and as I tried to offer the customary high-five to Jodie, I nearly plunged headfirst over the bridge. I should probably have waited, afterall, we were halfway across the giant causeway bridge when it happened, a busy section connecting Malaysia on mainland Asia to Singapore….read more……

The home of Rugby 10s

Malaysia. A melting pot of cultures, food, and well, quite literally a melting pot. It’s pretty hot here. Apart from when it rains and then it really rains. Cats and dogs kind of rain. The kind of rain that you look outside and think how lucky you are to be inside, though of course most of the time we are not…. read more….

A year on the road

After an entire year on the road it feels like a reasonably good time to reflect on things, only weeks before our hideous self-inflicted schedule sees us attempt over 6,000km of Australia in a little over 9 weeks, starting in Darwin on June 28th…..read more….

Bum from the Slum

It had to happen at some point I guess. We had been quite lucky really. Neither of us had been really sick, well nothing that our basic first aid kit and some rest couldn’t fix anyway. But days away from reaching our one year on the road anniversary, Tom took a funny turn….. read more

“bal koi” – the broken ball

It seemed all too soon that we had to pack our bags and leave Vientiane on the road south to Cambodia. The bikes had that all too familiar heavy and wobbly feeling after…..read more

The Ladies of Laos

I have to admit to having a soft spot for the Lao PDR. After my visit a few years ago, crossing the border from Vietnam brought back fond memories of mellow days full of sunshine, happy faces and plenty of Beerlao. As our good friend … read more….

Long Đỗ (龍肚) and the rise of the Dragon

Although Hanoi officially celebrated 1,000 years of existance last October, the area of Hanoi (Vietnam) has been inhabited for around 5,000 years. During this period the capital has been shifted and renamed many times, with each dynasty leaving a mark on the …..read more….