Eva and a drop of home brew

A story to warm the cockles of your heart.

It was a bit later than planned in the afternoon when we left Brno Bystrc rugby club, went the wrong way and then ended up leaving Brno the same way we came in (very unsatisfying I can tell you).  A number of hills, rain and just general lethargy left us struggling away into the evening and by 8.30pm, we were looking for somewhere to camp up for the night having hopefully done enough to make a dent into the cycle to Vienna the next morning.  After a few unsuccessful attempts, we went back to the tried and tested solution of heading to the nearest church and seeing if God perhaps could give us a helping hand.  Well, there was some flat grass and a bench to cook our supper by so things were looking up at least. But just as Tom had got the camping stove roaring and the 9 o clock bells chimed, a woman came running over to us, speaking in Czech and after some well refined Czech/ English hand gestures, we gathered that after seeing us from the window of her house, she was in fact inviting us back to her home.  Offers such as this are never to be refused and we quickly packed up and followed her across the road to her home where she explained (I think), that her brother was working in Ireland as a doctor and so they had a purpose built house for his use in her back garden when he came home and this was to be our place for the night to make supper and sleep!  Now then, by this point I was thinking that such a saintly gesture would imply that she was in fact the vicar of the church, however, after the 4th shot of bath tub Slivovice, I was not only starting to doubt this assumption but also wondering if I would actually make it up the stairs…  What a good night’s sleep though, best one so far and all thanks to our wonderful host, Eva, and her ‘home brew’.   Laying in until 7am, we finally managed to drag ourselves out of bed and make coffee before ‘chatting’ to Eva with our limited vocabulary on the terrace.  However, a final Czech breakfast surely would not be the same without a shot of Slivovice and that is exactly what Eva brought to us just before we set off on our bikes for our final pedal out of the Czech Republic.  Needless to say, the first hour flew and I think we were both still slightly drunk as we crossed the border into Austria…  You have got to love Czech hospitality.


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