Hungary holding page

Sorry folks, we have lots to write about but so little time to do it at the moment. This is just a very quick blog before we leave on a 6 day venture through the mountains of Transylvania.

Hungary, and the Hungarian people were fantastic. I look forward to uploading the blog in Bucharest for you next week.

Right now we are sitting in the family house of our tour guide, Claudiu. He is an amateur adventure cyclist, he lives to cycle mountains. I can’t imagine what has motivated him to cycle over 135,000km of mountains in his life, but he has many stories to tell.

We can guarantee that this will be his slowest tour yet 🙂

We are now in a little town of Ineu – near to the Hungarian-Romanian border and for the next 6 days will be tackling over 600km of mountain ranges, wild camping until we reach Bucharest. We will arrive next Monday evening (14th) where we will be filmed by national television as we arrive. Tuesday morning we will head straight to the IRB Nations cup where we will watch the final 3 matches of the competition.

Thanks to everyone who is still filtering charity money through the website, it’s a great motivation to us here. We have cycled over 3,000km so far and the charity donations sit around 4,000 now.

Bye for now, and there will be a very big update in Bucharest next week.

Cheers all

Tom and Jodie


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