We have chosen to support a local and very relevant charity in Melbourne. The charity has been created in memory of David Bland who was a very keen and gifted cyclist,  who sadly passed away in 2006 at the age of just 14 years old. Each year the charity organises a bike ride in David’s memory, to help raise funds for organ donation awareness in Australia.

We would like to show our support for David’s family and the continuing work this charity performs.

BasketballBasketballDavid Bland was a happy, thriving 14-year old boy who died suddenly in early 2006 after suffering a cerebral oedema.   David was a keen basketballer, cyclist, Scout and oboist.  On the day he collapsed he had played in a basketball match with his friends.  He played enthusiastically and vigorously in the winning team and was one of the top scorers of the match.  Despite a thorough medical investigation, the cause of the cerebral oedema has not yet been found.David became one of four child organ donors in Victoria in 2006.  His family and friends seek to raise awareness of the importance  and benefits of organ donation in the hope that donor rates will increase.  The David Bland Ride for Life will be held annually to remember David and promote organ donation awareness in the community.

Melbourne Grammar’s Middle School, Wadhurst, organises a basketball match each year in memory of David. The match is played between teams from Years 8 and 9. The report on the 2007 match, which includes photos from the match, and of David, as well as listing some of David’s achievements, can be downloaded here (PDF 940 kB) 


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