Rays of Sunshine Work

This year, Rays of Sunshine have set out their stall to grant “a wish a day”. This is an outstanding target and will have a huge impact on the lives of many children and their families. Below are just some examples of pending wishes, but you can see further cases at their website, www.raysofsunshine.org.uk


Katie is three years old and comes from Mill Hill, London. She is living with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (ALL) which was diagnosed in July last year.

Katie is a very happy, chatty child. She loves pink and princesses and anything creative. Her nursery teacher once said, ‘if Katie could get into a bucket of glue she would.’ She loves spending time with her mum and dad and gets very excited when her daddy tells her he hasn’t got work!

Katie’s greatest wish is to go on a UK beach holiday with her family. Mum feels that Katie has asked for this as she has a great memory of being on holiday last year before she fell ill.

You can grant Katie’s wish for £1,500.


Adam is sixteen years old and comes from Thatcham, Berkshire. He is living with End Stage Renal Failure.

Adam is a fantastic sportsman and has taken part in the British Transplant Games winning many gold medals in 50metre and 100metre sprint, long jump, ball throw and racket sports. He also became prolific at golf. Adam was delegated to represent the UK team at the World Transplant Games in Thailand in 2007 where he won three gold, one silver and one bronze medal. Adam continued with good health and was delegated AGAIN for the World Games in Australia the following year.

Two months before his family were due to go, Adam’s kidneys failed and he is now on dialysis three days a week. A lot of his sport is now on hold until he can get another transplant.

Adam’s greatest wish is to play a round of golf with a team of pro golfers.

You can grant Adam’s wish for £1,000


Ben is sixteen years old and comes from East Harling, Norfolk. He is living with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL). Ben’s illness requires daily chemotherapy treatment at home and hospital visits for infusions and lumbar punctures.

Ben was diagnosed with ALL in May 2009, as a very active teenager this came as a tremendous shock to all of the family. Ben did not respond well to his initial treatment and consequently started a more aggressive regime. Ben became too ill to attend school, however due to the fact it was his GCSE year, Ben was determined to sit his exams. Ben’s resilience was fantastic and he took his exams at home, obtaining six GCSE’s, two of which were ‘A’ grades. Ben has now embarked on A levels of which film studies is his passion.

He is a very mature teenager and is a great inspiration to those who know him.

Ben’s greatest wish is to go to the Iron Man premier and meet the stars.

You can grant Ben’s wish for £1,000

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