Our equipment list

Our “work in progress” equipment list

Already piling up in the corner:

One beautiful Thorn Sherpa for Jodie called ‘Bumblebee’

One brilliant blue Surly Long Haul Trucker for Tom

4 Ortlieb front roll-top panniers

4 Ortlieb back roll-top panniers

2 Ortlieb handlebar bags

2 Ortlieb 10L water bags

Terra Nova Duolite Tourer Tent

2 sleeping bags

2 x Thermarest

Cooking equipment (for the chef!)

MSR Whisperlite stove with two gas bottles, wind shield and flint

MSR deep plates (large for Tom and medium for Billy)

2 stainless steel mugs

2 sporks (new favourite word)

Duct tape

2 LED head torches

Small backpack

Digital SLR Canon Camera (and little Ixus)

1 x padded cycle shorts

Cool sunnies and cap

Ortlieb 5L folding bowl

SolarGorilla solar charger with USB cable


Cateye mini bike computer

Bike tools:  tyre lever, small wrench, spoke key, chain breaker tool

Still to buy!:

 2 dry bags

 Pegs and string for washing line

Spares:  tyres, inner tubes,  gear cables,  brake cables, spokes, brake pads sets, chain links etc

Chain degreaser, lubricants and grease

Leatherman tool

Suncream, first aid kit and basic toiletries

Diary (for Jodie!)

Various maps

Padded shorts/ leggings/ cycling shirts etc

Some ‘normal’ clothes!

 Cycling shoes/ flop flops/ trainers


3 Responses

  1. Dont forget spare batteries and a toothbrush

  2. LOO PAPER! (goes without saying, of course)

  3. Hi there! Nice list, reminds me that ours needs updating. I’m looking for any advice on using the MSR whisperlite. My fiancée are on a music-driven cycle through North and West Africa, and we’re yet to get it working properly. I’m sure you’ve had to try different gases, we’re using disel, but all we get is loads of soot and a weak yellow flame. Any wisdom appreciated! Cheers

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