World in Union Scroll

Our mission, besides cycling 25,000km, is to deliver a message at the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand. We want to obtain a signature from each nation that we cycle, an iconic figure, a legend of the people, to show that countries of different regions, beliefs and cultures, can stand side by side together in harmony.

To us, our journey is a way of breaking down the walls between cultures, to live and understand the grey areas between people and their religions.  Through rugby, we hope to discover that the world is not as segregated as we are led to believe. Perhaps there is a ‘path of rugby’ that can lead us to our destination, a path of one universal language and passion? Well, probably not in all honesty, but we’ll take a few bricks and begin building one.

We hope to auction this message of peace after what will ironically be quite a brutal rugby tournament, donating all the proceeds to Rays of Sunshine.

The “World in Union” scroll so far:


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