Tom’s profile page

Name: Tom Hudson

Aka:  Huddo, Mr Tom, Huddyman, Hudster, the Incredible Hud (I added this one too….)

Date of Birth: 14 Aug 1981

Born: Lewisham, London

International rugby and cricket.
Flight of the conchords
Little Bill
Drinking at Stefan’s

The morning after drinking at Stefan’s

Favourite Film: Leon

Favourite food: Pasta, boiled on a camp stove, with no sauce or flavour.

Favourite Band:
Counting crows, Funeral for a Friend.

Hero: The Foges (aka Ben Fogle), Stefan, Bill Oddie

Rugby Position: Any position that requires extreme gas, lightening fast reflexes and skills that pay the bills……….. but will prop if required.


3 Responses

  1. Hi Thomas, I wish you a fantastic journey. Just one question though, did you go to barnehurst primary school? If so, do you recognise my name? Your name rand a bell. I currently work at Dartford Grammar.

  2. Hi Tom

    Pete your recruitment consultant here, before you leave you owe me some commission for leaving your job a too early! 😉

    good luck mate, enjoy the Australian lifestyle

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